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May 11th, 2003
Recording update!

We're currently back in the recording mode and have started getting some tracks down for Forgotten Shame, Weeding the Impure, and Beyond My End with more to follow when we're done with these. These recording are gonna have a killer sound compared to the demo thats out now.

April 22nd, 2003
Some new shit added

There's a couple of new pages on the site now. Check out the photos link up top to see some pictures of shows and other shit. Also, a new lyrics section has been added where you can see a little bit further into our twisted minds. Just don't be a dickhead and use them for your own shit.

March 10th, 2003
New look and feel of the site

We've updated the look and feel of this site. I think everyone was probably gettin tired of looking at the same shit all the time. Let us know what you think of it and anything that you think might be missing. Send comments to administrator@gorespawn.com

March 8th, 2003
Whats up Metal Heads

After a long time of doin nothing on this site, we're finally going to try and keep things up to date around here. Keep checking back here for more info on whats going on.

So this is whats new ... We just got done playing with Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, and Into Eternity last night. What a fucking killer time! The crowd was awesome and nobody was holding back anything. Some killer pits too. We also, want to say thanks to the bands we played with to be able share the stage with some of our own idols. All the guys were cool as hell too and everyone was in the mood for serious metal. The only downfall of the night was the crew at the Rockhouse couldn't keep their word when it came to getting some of our close friends in with pre-tickets. So to those of you who are at every show and couldn't get in last night, we apologize for getting fucked around like that.

And a quick thanks to Mike and Phil from Rellik and Kevin from Figure H8 for helping out with our gear and Greg for taking care of gettin our demos out the people as well as selling shirts.

As far as the band goes and what we're doing, look for more new material coming your way. We're getting back into writing new shit and putting it down on track too. And if you're in a band looking to fill another slot in a metal lineup, give us a shout at contact@gorespawn.com, because now that Byron is back up and running faster than all of us with his bionic healing powers we're ready to hit the Midwest metal scene hard again.